Silicone Rubber for Aerospace Applications

LDSilicone supplies the highest quality silicone rubber compounds and components to the aerospace industry

Solutions for the Aerospace Industry​

The aerospace business has its own set of specialized needs and standards that need to be addressed in every product utilized by the sector. The demand for such specialized specifications is higher than ever before, as manufacturers are continuously seeking for methods to enhance efficiency while decreasing costs and energy usage.

Silicone rubber provides unlimited advantages to aerospace: it can survive severe temperatures, resists pressure and ripping, is lightweight yet robust, and doesn't transfer electricity or heat effectively.

Solutions for the Aerospace Industry​​

Why choose silicone rubber for aerospace applications?

We are an engineering technical specialist and pride ourselves on offering safe and resilient silicone materials to meet a variety of aerospace and aviation applications. We are available in a number of standards, as well as bespoke alternatives for silicone solutions.


Aerospace Applications for Silicone Products

Silicone's adaptability and high-temperature resistance have made it a dependable choice for decades, and it is still one of the most effective materials used in aircraft manufacturing today.

Here are some of the most common places you will find silicone:

  • Instrumental seals and electrical equipment in cockpit
  • Lighting, overhead bins and window seals in cabin
  • Engine gaskets, gas turbine seals, molded seals
  • Door, outer windows and cargo seals
  • Tail, wings and sealant hydraulic seals

All aircraft face a range of problems, ranging from high speeds and altitudes to the shock of landing, all of which result in a slew of loud noises and vibrations. Silicone may absorb vibration and excessive noise, making passengers and staff feel more at ease and secure.

Aerospace Applications for Silicone Products​

How can silicone be used?

Silicone Rubber is used in a wide range of applications, but its primary function is to seal, insulate, or protect an application from flame, heat, water, dust, or general weathering.

Acoustic insulation

Silicone Rubber acts as a dampener and an acoustic insulator in applications to protect them from vibration damage.

Seals & gaskets

Silicone Rubber has a very low deflection and compression set, making it ideal for use as seals and gaskets.

Thermal insulation

Because of its closed cell structure, it provides excellent thermal insulation in a wide range of applications.

Sealing profiles

Silicone Rubber extrusions (tubing, profiles, cords ) are frequently used as seals for LED units and other electrical enclosures.

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