Silicone Rubber For Electronics Applications

Silicone rubber For Electronics Applications has played an important part in computer technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and power distribution.

Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Silicone rubber is also highly preferred for electrical insulation applications because of their properties such as chemical inertness, long-term stability and high temperature performance.

Silicone rubbers are used in many electrical applications, such as:

  • Electrical insulators

  • Electrical cable jacketing

  • Coil coatings (to prevent breakdown)


Why Use Silicone in Electronics?

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LSR Sealed Electric Connectors

To adequately safeguard the wire, electric power connections require robust seals. The sealed connector's compression set is also important, as it can prevent issues and disturbances during the assembly process. LSR has the necessary physical characteristics. There are several seals that provide vital functions throughout the vehicle, including:

  • Rings or Peripheral Seals
  • Single Wire Cable Seals or Cavity Plugs
  • Mat Seals (also referred to as end seals or grommets)
LSR Sealed Electric Connectors

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