Industries Applications Of Silicone Parts

LGDSilicone has the capacity and technological resources to produce silicone rubber solutions for practically any industry as a leading silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier. Our silicone engineers collaborate closely with the customer to understand the application and the task that the silicone product must do.

Silicone Products in Different Industries

LDGSilicone has been offering dependable products and services based on high-quality raw materials and high-precision production techniques.

industries of silicone product

Sectors in which we operate

Making coffee in an espresso machine, making supper, driving a car, diving amid coral reefs, doing research in a hospital - you are continuously in contact with our goods. These are minute elements that are well disguised in many technologies, undetectable to the human eye, yet play a significant part in everyday life. Our goods are utilized in a variety of sectors, including medical, food, Aerospace, automotive, and personal care.

Automotive Of Silicone Parts

Automotive spark plug wires are insulated by numerous layers of silicone to prevent sparks from leaping to adjacent wires, causing misfires.

Silicone tubing is occasionally used in automobile intake systems (particularly for engines with forced induction).

Sheet silicone is used to manufacture gaskets used in automotive engines, transmissions, and other applications.

Aerospace Of Silicone Parts

Silicone is a commonly utilized material in the aircraft sector because to its sealing capabilities, stability throughout an enormous temperature range, durability, sound dampening and anti-vibration features, and naturally flame retardant properties. Maintaining exceptional functionality is crucial for passenger safety in the aerospace sector, thus each component on an airplane requires high-performance materials.

Silicone rubber's resistance to heat corrosion enables it to be used for gaskets in aircraft engines where it will outlive other forms of rubber, both enhancing aircraft safety and saving maintenance costs.

Cookware Of Silicone Parts

Where contact with food is essential, silicone can be utilized since it is a low-taint, non-toxic substance. In the cookware business, silicone is growing in importance, especially for bakeware and kitchen utensils. Heat-resistant potholders and other goods employ silicone as an insulator, although this material conducts heat more readily than less thick fiber-based alternatives. With silicone oven mitts, you can reach into boiling water since they can resist temperatures of up to 260 °C (500 °F).

Other goods include steamers, egg boilers or poachers, cookware lids, pot holders, trivets, and kitchen mats. Molds for chocolate, ice, cookies, muffins, and numerous other delicacies are also available.

Electronics Of Silicone Parts

To strengthen stability against mechanical and electrical shock, radiation, and vibration, electronic components are occasionally "potted," or enclosed in silicone. Where components must work at a high level while enduring harsh environmental conditions,Low toxicity, good electrical characteristics, great purity, and limited exothermic heat buildup during curing are further benefits of silicones.

applications use some of the most highly purified silicone rubber for insulating tape, sealant, varnish, lubricants, keyboards, and housings. High thickness rubber can be injection molded into insulators and arrestors.

Personal Care Of Silicone Parts

Silicone Rubber is a unique material that has many uses in the personal care industry. It is used in many consumer products including medical devices, cosmetics, and even contact lenses. Silicone is known for its durability and versatility making it an ideal material for certain applications such as adhesives, sealants and gaskets.

Baby bottle nipples (teats) frequently use silicone rubber because of its hygienic nature, attractive look, and low extractable content.

Medical Of Silicone Parts

Silicone is utilized for high biocompatibility applications such as microfluidics, seals, gaskets, shrouds, and more.

silicone Due to its longevity and biocompatibility, medical grade silicone is frequently used to make scar treatment sheets.

Toy and Hobby Of Silicone Parts

Silicone "rubber bands" are a long-lasting popular substitute refill for actual rubber bands in the 2013 craze "rubber band loom" toys, which cost two to four times as much (in 2014).

Silicone bands are also available in bracelet sizes and may be personalized with a name or message.

Large silicone bands are also available for use as utility tie-downs.