Medical Grade Silicones

Medical grade silicones are silicones that have been biocompatibility evaluated and are suitable for use in medical applications.

Solutions for the Medical Industry

When it comes to developing high-quality products for the healthcare sector, we recognize the importance of efficiency and processability. Medical-grade silicones have exceptional mechanical qualities, making them ideal for the creation of high-quality medical components and equipment.
Because of its Medical biocompatibility, chemical inertness, hypoallergenicity, good physical performance, and durability across a wide variety of environmental conditions, medical grade silicones have long been utilized in healthcare, medicine, and pharmacy.

Solutions for the Medical Industry​

What is medical silicone?

Medical Grade: Also known as medical-medical grade, biocompatibility verified grade VI silicone, this is our preferred material for a wide range of items such as menstruation cups, medical components, and skin contact devices.

Vibration dampers

Precision equipment, such as vibration dampers, can also be developed by us. If you're working with modern electrical or mechanical equipment, such as surgical cutting instruments, strategically putting a vibration damper on the item helps decrease vibration and ensure improved precision during surgery or other specialized operations.

Sterilized products​

When it comes to sterilization, materials like thermoplastic rubber or other rubber gaskets deteriorate and age under harsh temperatures and chemicals. However, liquid silicone rubber possesses long-lasting, non-aging mechanical qualities with negligible variation in severe temperatures and conditions.

Seals and O-rings

LSR is an ideal material for the production of silicone rubber gaskets, seals and O-rings due to its high purity and chemical inertness. Our rubber solution can keep low mechanical aging, compression deformation and stress relaxation. LSR outperforms other rubbers when it comes to valves, seals and electronics housing.

The Benefits of Medical Grade LSR Parts

The Benefits of Medical Grade Silicone Parts

Medical Silicone Molding Applications

Medical Silicone Molding Applications

Medical Applications for Silicone Products

silicone menstrual cup

Silicone Menstrual Cup

silicone nursing pad

Silicone Nursing Pad


Breath Mask Component


Silicone Medical Tubing

We Provide Value Service as Silicone Medical Parts Manufacturer

silicone medical tubing manufacturer

We pledge to be the most efficient silicone medical parts manufacturer, backed by injection mold production and value-added services. Among the services are:

» Manufacturing process that is aseptic and disinfected

» High-automated assembly

» Printing decoration

» Quality control

» Custom package

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