Silicone Rubber For Automotive Applications

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In the automobile industry, our silicone materials are widely used.

Silicone components may be found in every aspect of a passenger automobile or truck, from the engine to the interior, bodywork, on-board electronics, and accessories. Because of its adaptability and physical qualities, silicone materials are increasingly being used in the automobile sector.

For example,They may remain flexible at high temperatures, maintain grip, and defend against extreme climatic conditions.

Automotive silicone parts

Automotive Applications for Silicone Products

Spark plug wires in automobiles are insulated with numerous layers of silicone to prevent sparks from leaping to adjacent wires and causing misfires.

In automobile induction systems, silicone tubing is occasionally utilized (especially in positive-supercharged engines).

Silicone sheets are used to make gaskets for automobile engines, gearboxes, and other purposes.


Application examples:

  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Sealing of the engine and gearbox
  • Battery modules Rechargeable batteries
  • Headlight seals
  • Electronic control units (ECU)
  • Electrical and electronic connectors
  • Spark plug boots

Why choose silicone rubber for automotive solutions?

Silicone rubber has a variety of qualities that allow it to be used in a variety of car interiors and exteriors, as well as a variety of mass transportation interiors. LGDSilicone is pleased to provide precision-manufactured silicone solutions to the automobile sector as an engineering specialist.

How can silicone be used?

Silicone Rubber is used in a wide range of applications, but its primary function is to seal, insulate, or protect an application from flame, heat, water, dust, or general weathering.

Acoustic insulation

Silicone Rubber acts as a dampener and an acoustic insulator in applications to protect them from vibration damage.

Seals & gaskets

Silicone Rubber has a very low deflection and compression set, making it ideal for use as seals and gaskets.

Thermal insulation

Because of its closed cell structure, it provides excellent thermal insulation in a wide range of applications.

Sealing profiles

Silicone Rubber extrusions (tubing, profiles, cords ) are frequently used as seals for LED units and other electrical enclosures.

Silicone Rubber Automotive Parts

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