EMI Gaskets-Conductive Silicone/Rubber Combination

Custom EMI shielding gaskets, EMI/RFI gaskets, and other EMI management gaskets are manufactured by LGDSilicone from different conductive rubber/conductive silicone EMI shielding materials to specification.

What are EMI Gaskets?

EMI gaskets close the space between two mating surfaces. They, like other forms of environmental gaskets, seal out the external environment or seal in to avoid leaking. EMI gaskets vary in that they also seal against conducted or radiated EMI that can interfere with electronics.

EMI gaskets composed of electrically conductive elastomers like silicone or fluoro silicone provide environmental sealing, thermal insulation, and electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI). Silicone is generally an electrical insulator rather than an electrical conductor, but the inclusion of metal or metal-coated particles imparts the required electrical conductivity.

4 Different Types of EMI Shielding Gaskets

We provide four various types of gaskets depending on the use.

These materials have distinct advantages and are best suited to specific applications. When choosing them, consider shielding performance, compression forces, material compatibility, corrosion control, compression set, compression range, compressibility, and environmental sealing.


The form-in-place gasket is an electromagnetic interference shielding solution that may be distributed automatically and with minimum manual work.
Because the FIP gasket is applied automatically, a basic CAD model may be programmed into the dispensing system to direct the most exact path in for gasketing, avoiding the requirement for manual labor and preventing human mistake during the dispensing process.

Fabric Over Foam Gaskets

Fabric-over-foam (FOF) gaskets are an excellent choice for situations that need less compression force. While low force is one of its most useful characteristics, FOF gaskets also provide good conductivity and shielding attenuation, making them an efficient shielding option for a wide variety of frequencies.

Depending on the application, the gaskets may accommodate a wide range of tolerances, but this gasket shape is especially well-suited for lightweight materials. FOF gaskets are extensively used for electronic enclosure sealing.

Knitted Wire Mesh Gaskets

Used to seal lids, doors, and other items. They have the advantage of being corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature resistant. Furthermore, they are highly resilient, withstanding wear and tear over time.

When you require good EMI/RFI shielding as well as low-frequency magnetic shielding, use knitted wire mesh gaskets.

EPDM Silicone Gaskets

EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) gaskets are synthetic rubber that may be used in a variety of applications.

Because these gaskets are silicone rubber-based, they are an excellent gasket solution for applications that are subject to environmental climate fluctuations (e.g., ozone, climate, sunlight, aging, some types of chemical exposure, etc.), such as those found in the automotive or construction industries. EPDM gaskets perform effectively in a variety of environments, including air, hot water, cold water, and steam.

Conductive Rubber EMI Gaskets with Adhesive Backing

EMI Shield Gasket Construction

Die-cutting, digital die-less fabrication, and pressure-sensitive adhesion are all common methods for creating EMI shield gaskets. Understanding the different manufacturing processes of different gaskets might help you decide which product to buy.

  • Die-Cut Gaskets

A die-cut method is used to make many gaskets. This entails stamping a piece of rubber and then forming it into a gasket. Die-cut gaskets are a cost-effective way to seal the lid of a high-volume box. Die-cut gaskets can also be used to seal irregular forms.

  • Digital Die-Less Cutting

Gaskets may be made utilizing a digital die-less cutting technique that maximizes value while minimizing waste. These gaskets can be used in any application where die-cut gaskets are employed. This is an extremely cost-effective manufacturing technique.

  • Adhesive Pressure Gaskets

Pressure-sensitive adhesives can also be used to create gaskets. This method is commonly used to create O-ring gaskets, framed gaskets, and other specialty gaskets.

Industrial Applications Of EMI Gaskets

EMI Gasket Manufacturing​-1

EMI shielding gaskets find use in a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Automotive control systems

Automobiles are progressively integrating electrical and electronic systems, including those for control, navigation, communication, and media, as automotive technology progresses. The location of these many systems in a compact space can produce significant levels of EMI, affecting their performance and functionality. The use of EMI gaskets separates the systems, shielding them from the possible impacts of EMI.

  • Computers

EMI gaskets protect sensitive computer components from EMI generated by nearby components and ambient sources, avoiding data corruption and maintaining proper operation.

  • Medical devices.

Because medical devices are frequently utilized in crucial applications such as evaluating and monitoring patient health, they must provide consistent and dependable performance. The use of EMI gaskets guarantees that other electronic and electrical types of equipment do not interfere with the operation of the gadget.

  • Smartphones

Smartphones, like computers, contain several electronic components packed into a tiny area. EMI from one component can interfere with the performance of another if it is not shielded.

How do gaskets work?

EMI gaskets create a conductive route along seams and other gaps in electronic enclosures. This coating eliminates any differences across the shield surface, resulting in a smooth current flow. Gaskets, in essence, block all of the holes in a piece of equipment so that EMI radiation does not interfere with functioning.

How thick is an EMI gasket?

Combination EMI / RFI gaskets are typically made in 0.125′′ (3.18mm) and 0.25′′ (6.4mm) thicknesses, while other thicknesses are available upon request.

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