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High Temperature Gasket Defined

High Temperature Gasket refers to gasket materials that have a high operating temperature. These high temperature materials provide high reliability seals at temperatures beyond the range of traditional gasket materials.

Applications classified as "high-temperature" are often those that begin to push into the 600°F to 800°F range and continue to rise from there (we have materials able to withstand temperature peaks of over 1900°F). Our catalog has a lower temperature categorization for the products we provide for the 300°F to 500°F range.

High Temperature Gasket Defined​

Material for High-Temperature Gaskets

High-Temperature For situations where the temperature will continuously surpass 750°F, gasket material is required. If the improper material is used in applications with high pressure, saturated steam, severe heat, or hot oils, gasket failure can occur fast.

They are among the elastomeric materials that operate well at high temperatures. Each has a temperature range that works best for that substance.

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Graphite Laminate: Graphite laminate is a naturally occurring material with metal-like thermal and electrical conductivity. Graphite, one of the softer minerals, may be created with stabilizing inserts made of wire mesh, carbon steel, or stainless steel. Up to +875F, graphite laminate can withstand extreme temperatures.

Woven & Compressed Graphite Foil: This high temperature gasket material is capable of withstanding temperatures up to +1400F thanks to a proprietary process of encasing flat leaf springs in a thick vermiculated graphite foil jacket.

Fluorosilicone: Fluorosilicone is an elastomer that is frequently used in applications that need resistance to gasoline, lubricants, and high temperatures of +400°F.

Silicone: High temperature silicone sheets or rolls have a 1000 psi tensile strength and are ozone, UV, and fungal resistant up to +600F.

EPDM: less than 400°F (204°C)

Ceramic fiber blankets: a lightweight, high-temperature insulation that resists chemical and thermal stress. withstands handling strength at +2300F temperatures.

Spiralwound gaskets: Using numerous plies of metal plus a filler (either ceramic, graphite, or PTFE) in the spiral, spiralwound gaskets are a low-cost option. up to +850F suitable as a high temperature gasket material

PTFE: is a chemically impervious material that complies with FDA and AMS requirements and keeps its durability at temperatures as high as +500°F.

Fiberglass Tape & Rope: An eco-friendly material for temperature applications of +1000F is fiberglass tape and rope.

Application for HighTemperature Gaskets

Gaskets are essential for the safe and efficient operation of many different types of equipment.For sealing purposes, gaskets of diverse colors, sizes, and compositions are employed.
The following are some of the industries that employ gasket manufacturing:
  • aerospace,
  • automobile,
  • aviation,
  • consumer goods,
  • electronics,
  • food and beverage,
  • military,
  • transportation industries

For instance, seals all over commercial airplanes prevent the cabin from losing pressure.

Additionally, gaskets are necessary for pressure cookers to function.Finally, gaskets are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of a wide range of equipment, including airframes, appliances, commercial machines, compressors, elevators, escalators, medical equipment, meters, turbines, pumps, and valves.

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Advantages of high temperature gaskets

High temperature gaskets, also known as heat exchanger gaskets, provide several benefits in addition to their ability to withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 1800 °F). For illustration:

  • They have a high-density inner ring that greatly improves sealability compared to flexible graphite.
  • The most cost-effective method of fulfilling low emission regulations is to use these gaskets.
  • High temperature gaskets have a special corrugation pattern that enhances the pitch at the peak of the corrugation and the depth of the grooves.

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