Two-Shot molding is a relatively new technique that is developing quickly. It does away with the need for an additional procedure to add logos, images, or text by replacing prior, two-step solutions. The development of the two-shot technique has been facilitated by new computer technologies and sophisticated materials.

People who are unfamiliar with two-shot injection molding might think it's difficult. It does involve a second material and procedure, which adds another factor to component creation, but it's not actually that difficult.

Here are the fundamentals of two-shot injection molding, whether you simply need a quick review or you're completely new to the field of injection molding.

What is Two-Shot Molding

Two-shot injection molding is a two-step manufacturing technology that allows for the extremely effective and quick creation of complicated, functional components from various materials.

Two-Shot injection Molding​ Process

STEP 1 Press closed; first shot injected into first mold

STEP 2 Press opened; part created from first shot is robotically transferred to second mold

STEP 3 Press closed;first shot injected into first mold;second shot injected into second mold

STEP 4 Press opened; completed 2-shot part robotically removed;cycle starts again

Two-Shot injection Molding​ Process

Benefits of Two-Shot Molding

The following are some advantages of creating silicone products using a two-shot molding technique:

Part Consolidation | Two-shot injection molding decreases the number of parts in an assembled product, resulting in a $40K savings on average in development, engineering, and validation expenses for each fewer part numbers.

Improved Efficiency | Two-shot molding enables many components to be molded using a single tool, decreasing the amount of work required to manufacture your parts and doing away with the need to weld or connect components afterwards.

Improved Quality | A single tool is used for two-shot molding, which results in smaller tolerances than with other molding techniques, a high degree of precision and repeatability, and lower scrap rates.

Complex Moldings| Moldings That Are Complex Two-shot injection molding enables the development of intricate mold designs that include several materials for functionality that cannot be attained by other methods.

Applications Of Two-shot Injection Molding


For complicated, multicolored, and multi-material silicone goods, especially in high-volume manufacturing circumstances, two-shot injection molding is the best silicone molding technique.
Two-shot molded parts are utilized in almost every industry, from consumer products to construction, although they are most frequently employed in situations needing the following:

  • Multi-colour molded parts
  • Toys with movable parts
  • Flexible hinges
  • Parts with seals molded in
  • Multi-color or multi-material components
  • Vibration or acoustic dampening
  • Automotive A/C or heater louvers
  • Parts with flexible hinges
  • Power tool handles
  • Electric toothbrush handles

How does two-shot injection molding work?

A single machine that has been configured to carry out two injections every cycle is used for double injection. A nozzle injects plastic into a mold in the first cycle. The mold is then automatically rotated, and a second nozzle injects a new kind of plastic into the mold.

What are the different types of two-shot injection molding?

Two-shot molding can be done using rotating platen, moveable core, or overmold, among other options. The first two need two processes, two runner systems, and a second injection unit.

What is double injection?

The most popular method for making components is known as "double injection," which is known as a two-shot injection in which soft silicone is used as a cover or in conjunction with a thermo-plastic.

Is injection moulding easy?

Silicone injection molding is a quick method that yields very accurate identical items in big quantities. Products made of Silicone are lightweight, simple to use, and simplify daily living.

Engineering Success

For the past 20 years, we have been perfecting the science and art of two-shot injection molding. To simplify the process of taking your invention from conception to production, LGDSilicone provides the design, engineering, and in-house tooling skills you require. Additionally, as a financially sound business, we're ready to scale operations and increase capacity as your business and your two-shot demands develop.

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