LMS Silicone Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet

LMS Silicone Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet

Textured, Closed Cell, High Temp Heat Press, Red 19.7 x19.7 x 0.12 inch

Made by the vulcanizing press with high-quality silicone rubber and an inimitable sponge technique, it is a good performance of high temperature resistant, aging resistant, ozone resistant, heat insulation, fuel oil resistance, lubes resistance, no smell and wear well, high compressibility and low compression set over a wide working temperature range, good acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Apply to -60° C – +200° C protect and heat insulation for long-term continuous use, -70° C – +260° C for intermittent use on all kinds of ironing tables.

  • STRONG, HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER – Made of Foam Silicone Rubber sheet
  • FUNCTION: Anti-slip, temperature resistance, insulated
  • APPLICATION: High and low Temperature, all kinds of ironing tables, machines, Industry, also it can be made into Mats / Pads, Strips / Bars, Gaskets / Washers, Seals, etc.
  • Tensile Strength:100-200psi, Continous use Temp:-60° C – +220° C(moment 260°)
  • MEASURES:19.7 x19.7 inch, 0.12 in. thickness (500x500x3 mm) Red Silicone sponge rubber sheet


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