Mini Silicone Bong

A Mini Silicone Bong is a form of water pipe widely used for smoking marijuana. It is constructed of silicone, a synthetic rubber-like substance that is flexible, heat-resistant, and simple to clean.

Flexible silicone was used in the construction of this straightforward and efficient bong with a beaker base, making it perfect for outdoor social usage and easy travel. This incredibly sturdy and compact bong, which is 21.5 cm/8.5 inches in height, fits effortlessly into a handbag or knapsack for safe transportation. The bong has a silicone downstem, a 14.5mm glass bowl, a grip-friendly finish, and a solid beaker base. The glass bowl and silicone downstem are easily removable for easy cleaning, and the rimmed mouthpiece is cozy to use for extended periods of time.

Mini Silicone Bong Manufacturer

Our company has been in business for 20 years and we provide custom mini silicone bong lines to clients worldwide. We are family owned as well as employee owned and pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service for our customers at all times.

custom Mini silicone bong

There are custom mini silicone bongs that can also be used as a dab rig; all you have to do is swap the bowl for a banger and you’re ready to go. Because silicone is so much more adaptable and equally heat resistant to other materials, it is far more convenient to use a silicone bong than a glass bong.

Our mini silicone bong collection of pipes offers a wide range of smoking and dabbing alternatives for individuals that prefer higher culture. We make the greatest silicone water pipes, dab rigs, dab straws, and hand pipes using platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone, a material that is incredibly durable and has outstanding heat handling qualities. Anywhere you dare, rugged Indestructible Pipes with superior glass bowls and quartz nails are excellent!


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