Silicone Craft Mat

Our Creator Silicone Craft Mat is an all-in-one craft mat made from pure food-grade silicone with a built-in collapsible brush cleaner cup. Ditch the plastic spill-prone cups and reduce paper towel usage from cleaning brushes.

Silicone Craft Mat Manufacturers

We manufacture high-quality Silicone Craft Mats using our in-depth expertise of the sector and reliable manufacturing, which can handle requests for bigger quantities. We personalize your Silicone Craft Mat to precise sizes, colors, surfaces, and logo designs using our effective manufacturing lines and knowledgeable engineers to better represent your company.

Can you use a silicone baking mat for crafts?

I use a silicone baking mat, but not for any work requiring cutting or the use of sharp objects. Compared to the silicone craft mat, the silicone baking mat is less expensive and is simpler to clean (even goes in dishwasher). Misting, stamping, and heat embossing all work great with it.

What is the silicone craft sheet used for?

With the help of our silicone craft mat, you can quickly and easily construct decorations. Simply apply a little amount of adhesive to the sheet, work on the embellishment with both hands, and then remove it after the glue has dried.

  • Ink blending
  • Ink transfer
  • Watercoloring
  • Heat embossing
  • Hot gluing
  • Acrylic painting
  • Faux-watercolor stamping
  • Making custom enamel dots
  • So much more!

Are Custom silicone craft mats heat resistant?

With a flexible Silicone Craft Mat that keeps surfaces safe, you may stamp, paint, emboss, glue, and more. This practical mat has a flexible, non-slip surface that is simple to clean, holds things in place for greater control, and is heat-resistant. Hot glue is easily removed, and paint may be removed with soap and water. The mat may be easily stored after use by rolling it up and tucking it away.

Tips for using your Silicone Craft Mat:

  • If you’re worried about stains, try a tiny area on the mat’s back before using certain inks or other materials.
  • The mat’s brilliant white matte appearance makes it easy to take stunning photos of your completed work to post on social media and share with friends.
  • Simply add some water to revive your water-based ink or watercolor if it dries on the mat.


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