Silicone Filled Wire Connectors

Waterproof Silicone Filled Wire Connectors detail

  • UL-listed waterproof Silicone Filled Wire Connectors: All Dicio landscape wire connectors have received UL and CE certifications. You can find the certification logo on every Dicio wiring connector. Dicio weatherproof wire connectors are filled with silicone sealant, which is designed for the waterproof feature.
  • High-Performance waterproof wire connectors: Dicio waterproof electrical connectors are designed to ensure safe and secure connections in an outdoor and irrigation setting in which wires are exposed to water, steam, or dust.
  • Easy to use wire connectors nuts: Dicio wire connectors kit (R3 model) is suitable for 20 to 10 AWG wires. Simply strip the wire to 0.5 – 1 inch, insert the wire into the electrical wire connectors, then twist clockwise in the blue wire connectors nuts while pushing the wire slowly until the wire is very tight.
  • Time-saving quick connect wire connectors: When you install, there’s no need for electrical tapes or other tools – making the outdoor electricity work simple and easy.
  • What’s inside our outdoor wire connectors waterproof package? 25 pcs 10 12 18 14 16 20 gauge wire connectors for the starter pack. TIPS: Make sure the power is TURNED OFF before working on the circuit! Please note that the Dicio waterproof wire connectors are for one-time use only. It cannot be reused.


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