Silicone Pull Plugs

Silicone Pull Plugs

Silicone pull plugs are used to mask threaded and non-threaded through-holes during high-temp applications like e-coating & powder coating.

Pull plugs typically need to be oversized by .030″ in order to effectively mask off a hole. We used this logic for the Hole Size to Mask dropdown above.

Example: If the hole (ID) size you’re masking is 0.25″, then the pull plug that will work best would be 01-0020281-04SIL because its plug diameter is .281″

Silicone Pull Plugs DESCRIPTION

Silicone rubber is a unique elastomer that is generally stable and resistant to extreme environments and
temperatures, while still maintaining its useful properties.

• Extreme High & Low-Temperature Resistant -80F to +450F (500F Intermittent)
• Excellent for Seals & Gaskets
• Fabricated with high-quality raw materials
• UV / Ozone Resistant
• Excellent Electrical Insulator
• Low Compression Set
Item Test Method Value
Specific Gravity, g/cc ASTM D297 1.34
Durometer, Shore “A” ASTM D2240 50+/-5
Tensile Strength, psi ASTM D412 950
Elongation, 100% ASTM D412 600
Tear, ppi Die “B” ASTM D624 105


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