Stackable Silicone Rings

Stackable Silicone Rings Manufacturer

The most popular rings on the market right now are made of stackable silicone, and for good reason. They are sturdy, have a fantastic appearance, and endure for a very long period. However, if you want to get your money’s worth, it’s critical to pick the correct manufacturer for your silicone rings.

Our silicone rings have received CE, RoHS, FDA, and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. We are dedicated to offering our customers high-quality goods and services. We can provide a wide variety of services, including R&D assistance, design and development, tooling design and manufacture, production management, and logistics, thanks to our more than 20 years of expertise in the industry.

Advantages Of Stackable Silicone Rings

You may give your consumers precisely what they want with stackable silicone rings: something fashionable and reasonably priced that can be worn on many occasions—and by several people at once. We are able to produce sturdy yet affordable wedding rings that will last long after the honeymoon is gone because of our premium materials and creative design process.

How do you keep a stackable ring together?

You can use a connector, such as a flexible ring adjuster, to hold the two rings together if your stacked rings are prone to whirling about or displacing one another. Even easier would be to bind them with a piece of thread that matches the color of the metal so that it doesn’t detract from your mood.

General sizing tips for stackable rings

Order your real ring size if the band you’re buying is 2mm or thinner. However, if you wish to put at least three broader bands together, get a size and a half bigger. The more room you need to offer your finger some flexibility, the broader the rings you stack.

What finger do you wear stackable rings on?

Wearing stacking rings: Where to go. It may be interesting to shake things up. Traditionally, engagement and wedding bands are worn on the left hand’s “ring finger,” which is the finger adjacent to the little finger. The decision is yours whether you stack rings on one finger, alternate fingers or hands, or just go all out and adorn every finger.


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