Prestige Autoclave Door Seals

Prestige Autoclave Door Seals

Along with many other door seals

Classic is in Green and the Century is in Blue

Care and maintenance of the door seals is paramount for the steriliser to run smoothly

We recommend that you remove and clean the seal at least every 3 months, when removing the seal clean with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and shake dry, try not to wipe clean, replace in the machine by tucking evenly under all lugs, it may look not right until used, if it does leak or cause some slight problems try to clean the autoclave with a rough sponge being careful not to damage the lid by removing any metal, clean with warm soapy water rinse but do not dry, if the seal does become dry over a period of time you can lubricate the autoclave but not the seal, we recommend TP55, but when it does start to leak on a regular basis you will have to replace the seal

Buy Prestige Autoclave Door Seals in a Range of Sizes & Specifications.


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