Silicone Nickel Graphite sheets

Silicone Nickel Graphite sheets

Our conductive silicone sheets are constructed from silicone-containing metal powder fillers which combine to produce high levels of attenuation with excellent environmental shielding and a high level of conductivity. Many types of filler, from a nickel to pure silver, are available to suit a wide range of applications. There are also Fluorosilicone variants for use in the presence of hydrocarbon contamination.

Other thicknesses 2mm, 2.4mm 3mm, and 3.2mm are available on request, along with other grades Silver Aluminium being one of them

Size 300mmsq, 150mmsq
Color Grey
Thickness 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.6mm

Buy Silicone Nickel Graphite sheets in a Range of Sizes & Specifications.


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