Ultra Thin Silicone Sheet

Ultra Thin Silicone Sheet Detail

Ultra-thin silicone rubber film, trans 30 shores,250mmwide rolls,

A new form of presentation that greatly extends the reach of high tec silicone technology that offers pioneering key advantages,

Produced from additional cured silicone, these films are produced in cleanroom conditions to produce flawless and extremely homogenous films of uniform thickness.

Films start at just 0.02mm and are highly elastic with low modulus, high specific resistivity and high dielectric strength, they are chemically inert and resistant to Oxygen, Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation whilst being highly permable to gas and water vapour.

The film performs at -45c to 200c temperatures, its is an ideal dielectic medium in applications such as actuator technology or sensor technology.

The film can be used in food packaging, technical textiles and multiple industrial applications

It comes in either 250mm x 250mm wide sheets or 250mmwide x the length

Size 1000mm x 250mm, 250mm x 250mm
Thickness 0.05mm, 0.02mm
Color/Hardness Clear/30 shore

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